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  • 9 years 1 month ago

    Hi people.. time have past too fast..
    I had to take time to take care of some stuff in life..
    .. since April 2013 is a long time.. so it's time to refresh things..

    You find news from the year 2013 here..
    .. as we were remains at this point relative to the last contact with the Journal..

    I will keep that Festival in mind.. until then have a Fresh Beer..

  • 11 years 1 week ago

    .. well.. lost here today on my definition.. Stream is back online by the way..

    ..I have been absent and very busy with my life for the last 6 months.. a bit maintenance is always good..

    .. news about Icemoon 2013.. Sunny Beach & the "The Other venue" venue projects are frozen.. the situation have change in Greece and my life story was a chaos, I didn't really follow the project steps properly for this Year.. I decided to postpone the project for 2014-15.. to be continue..

    ..for the moment I focus a new project.. Will announce soon news about all Icemoon 2013

  • 11 years 2 weeks ago

    I have been trough many things since I have come back to Music and Art.. ones of it is the Experience of a tasted victory.. then again is always a price to pay.. something to sacrifice.. the closer is the gap.. The feeling of infinity gives me the feeling to be alive.. mind remain in my memories all my emotions..

    .. I have refused to act live in many places in the past.. the price of pride and arrogance for sure.. it’s a perspective thing.. a mind thing.. what if you just know why.. the key point of the experience by mental methods.. it's a fatality irreversible..

    ..The story of this Festival Started really earlier in 2011.. when I first came to Kos.. my mind was hunting for opportunity.. after a visit at the same spots in 2012.. Icemoon provide him self the Beach Party at Nektaria Sunny Beach..

    ..The concept of the Music Festival | ICEMOON 2013.. as born with this experience.. this dream.. this why of express music culture.. to me a generation step.. the next generation is just in you.. it depends on us all now..

    ..I will put all my efforts in the next comming Months to make this weeks of Music Festival down in Kos.. unforgetable nights.. very honored to share this vision with all of you..

    ..why.. Greece.. and why Kos.. was just on my path.. if I can be ironic… or soon you all take me for stupid arrogant.. but to be honest I don’t fuck’in know.. things happen for some reason.. and I believe in myself so .. never mind where.. but believe me.. you gotta believe in yourself.. do it.. you tell me then.. shit even I wonder why.. the day will come the answer in a shining night..

    ..that’s the story..

  • 11 years 5 months ago

    2 weeks of madness finnaly a music festival in our island

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  • 11 years 4 months ago

    .. Update on Coverarts for “Stealth”, “Deeper” and  “Subtile”.. they have now the Original Design..

    ..The ".mp3" files have been updated as well, just re-download and enjoy them again.. it's House..

  • 11 years 11 months ago

    Stealth-whispers of seduction, like a first caress, Icemoon's beat and smooth groove pulls you seductively into it; a move so Subtile one can loose themselves within it finding themselves on a trip so deep within and wanting more, to go Deeper. Three awesome mixes!

  • 11 years 11 months ago
    moments later..

    Just came back from a small break.. pressed Play on the Stream and guess what.. “Antidote” in background.. referencing of this Artwork Entitled “Seduction”..

    Things we confuse.. things we wanna understand.. things we get from nowhere.. why is this global work playing with my mind..

    Looks like the more I ask or go deeper in my Questions.. the more it like it.. my circle of friends find that really bored.. questions without answers.. well that’s maybe my thing..

    ..Hunt yourself.. Watch what you get.. if there is someone I want know better before I die.. is myself.. - Nelson Branco 2012


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  • 11 years 8 months ago

    Back to Kefalos..Back to Kefalos.. Forgot really the last time I had some good rest. As I almost forgot how good I feel in here.. The place I’m at the moment.. Is the main place.. Right there.. Surprised by the facts and conditions of resident.. this place to make it grow together to the biggest event of this Isle ever.. Even Hercules will shake with us..

    After study and understanding the Island.. Your only option is feeling.. Enjoying it.. Realizing how unique an serendipity can be.. See from inside how things happen even closer to your unbelievable..

    These last pasted 4 weeks was one of the most opposite weeks of my life.. I start to believe that my feeling for “Era” is more then predicted.. I had in mind after my trip in Kefalos - Kos or call it Greece.. I call this my home soon.. anyway.. Cause is the home suites you not you the home ;).. However.. had in mind to work on some editons and stuff.. Purely conditional.. But as you Know m’y muthertfuckers.. Im late anyway.. And can’t get it in time.. lmao.. Or it does not really matter.. Whatever is just the way it should be..

    I don’t need to explain it.. Cause the art is relative.. This happen just that way.. I love to be surprised by my life choices and opportunity.. Cause is the most spontaneous relevant factor.. Converging the elements by definition..

    After these words I hope find my sleep.. Or I go take a Jump In this ocean right there.. And right now.. Looking for some peace of mind.. The moon is working my mind.. I literally lost my sleep..

    4am.. Convergence wildness the energy .. Paradox the vision.. the date of prod.. (check prod date on the rss feed or ITunes).. (I published thi stuff today after my retourn in Siwtzerland.. but still myself trying to understand this last sentence.. made sense to me then., but wtf is it about..)

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  • Reply to: 6am.. wtf..
    11 years 8 months ago

    ..4 weeks a go somewhere in Siwtzerland..

    Published Masters for season 4 are updated from 255-292.. Yes you have to download it again to get Master File for the Podcast at the same source. The stream is updated as well with the master versions.. Please don’t rip that shit is all Broken then.. Go to my website and download a original master of the files.. Playback them in any stream or club.. But really make sure you download it again from the Podcast don’t complain for quality on the old files.. Or process the master live with the old files.. Anyway.. The season isn’t over yet .. Just had some time to take some notes here..

    Any promoter using this material: this is for free.. The only thing I require is proper credits as in case copyright conflicts back to Icemoon Records. End up users be welcome to enjoy and make sure you share this stuff around the World..

  • Reply to: 6am.. wtf..
    11 years 9 months ago

    .. with a play list like that.. it is around 7h30 long play-list.. I was lost in..

    ..these last days..have done the output level of any release after 255 included until 292 & 299.. Rmx'n'Cuts from these live editions was my play-list.. as now on the "Broadcast" Program streaming in Clubs, Shops, Radios etc.. in High Quality.. these 3rd Party Works are free.. it's my Creativity Content.. nothing better to get myself in to deeper in.. here now you can enjoy this trip with me again and understand better this "quote" of my production journal.. wtf.. it is all about..

    .. will try to add a remix pack for a single download so soon as I have some more time.. and probably some torrent as well ,)* don't worry if you see me cry for seeds lmao.. anyway..

    hoo.. by the way.. the season started at 231.. will get some topic ready for that as well..

    This stuff was already Mastered.. during the live's.. now it's leveled and polished for more clarity.. enjoy..

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  • Reply to: Icemoon - Mystic
    11 years 11 months ago

    Revisiting 271 today after being lost in the trip of 284-291 and on....I love this mix, so deep, so soulful; it's like a love you never want to can lose themselves within it. Nelson, it is all about the music and you create it like no other DJ alive. The Icemoon feel and emotion is written all through this mix, have all the mood swings you want!

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  • 12 years 3 months ago

    This bridge is completely occupying my thoughts today. Stay still and quiet at this spot. Memorize the view. The feel. The smell. The emotions. Once you start the crossing, the view of it will get smaller and dimmer. Once you reach the other side you might not be able to see where you started from. But it's in your head and your heart. Some people forget to commit to memory. I know you won't but I say anyway. Some will hold your hand as you walk across. Some won't have the courage. I can see your bridge.

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