Greece once again..

ICEMOON | KEFALOS 2012I went to Greece once again to understand the reason of my call to Kos.. I have see the same people, the same places and had the same habits as my visit in Kos in 2011.. I was hunting for something but I didn’t know what exactly and where to start.. Ones in 2012 at my return to Kos.. I got the point..

During my path to the success I have see many things.. From Portugal to Switzerland.. Across India.. Return back to UK.. Traveled to Greece to find my peace.. And in Kos was Kefalos.. Where the exploration was the more tasty..

I have spend my days there and had give up the idea that I was there to find something but myself.. I have explore many parts and secret places of this awesome Isle.. But ending daily at same place.. The Sunny Beach.. Until the day… You start to meet people then.. I start to feel attached and this place was just screaming at me “don’t left..” honestly spoken I was feeling home like nowhere else on this planet..

Looks like the Alien as found a place for foundations.. Questions remains how.. I was completely out of content.. When Yiannis come to me and go like.. Hey.. You know.. I made a nice Beach Party down there last year.. I was like.. Whooooot!? Dude you serious .. He was like.. No shit.. And capacity isn’t a problem.. I look around.. Well no doubt.. How this conversation ends up.. You will know soon enough..

The point was that I was giving up the idea of getting to Kos and act.. When the place it self found me.. It’s the place that finds you and where you feel the most great.. What you want is just an clustered optimism..

Follow your instinct Malàka..

..Journal Extract.. 2 days before this meeting..


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Back to Kefalos..Back to Kefalos.. Forgot really the last time I had some good rest. As I almost forgot how good I feel in here.. The place I’m at the moment.. Is the main place.. Right there.. Surprised by the facts and conditions of resident.. this place to make it grow together to the biggest event of this Isle ever.. Even Hercules will shake with us..

After study and understanding the Island.. Your only option is feeling.. Enjoying it.. Realizing how unique an serendipity can be.. See from inside how things happen even closer to your unbelievable..

These last pasted 4 weeks was one of the most opposite weeks of my life.. I start to believe that my feeling for “Era” is more then predicted.. I had in mind after my trip in Kefalos - Kos or call it Greece.. I call this my home soon.. anyway.. Cause is the home suites you not you the home ;).. However.. had in mind to work on some editons and stuff.. Purely conditional.. But as you Know m’y muthertfuckers.. Im late anyway.. And can’t get it in time.. lmao.. Or it does not really matter.. Whatever is just the way it should be..

I don’t need to explain it.. Cause the art is relative.. This happen just that way.. I love to be surprised by my life choices and opportunity.. Cause is the most spontaneous relevant factor.. Converging the elements by definition..

After these words I hope find my sleep.. Or I go take a Jump In this ocean right there.. And right now.. Looking for some peace of mind.. The moon is working my mind.. I literally lost my sleep..

4am.. Convergence wildness the energy .. Paradox the vision.. the date of prod.. (check prod date on the rss feed or ITunes).. (I published thi stuff today after my retourn in Siwtzerland.. but still myself trying to understand this last sentence.. made sense to me then., but wtf is it about..)