Thursday Jul, 8th 2010 • "F***ing.. Possessed Heart Beat"

Thursday Jul, 8th 02:20am
After the match between Spain and Germany still clean my head be for I go sleep. Got it finally to watch one match in all the World Cup.. lol was a bad timing for me to follow matches he he.
Bla bla bla Technical Stuff & Sound Track Notes, Retails etc.. all bored stuff.

Here some between comments..
Work days are intenser everyday even more... ad the notes on the the Diary are the even more bigger, as I said in a antecedent comment, I try to pick-up some paragraphs and publish them.

Inspiration after Release.. “possessed heart beat” … The more I listen to it, the more I get addicted, this Track have a gold standard intensity that we can feel on the Production.

8th 12:30pm
I stand up and took my Coffee he he... and listen to the “possessed” there is a necessary clean up 3dn cue... etc. lol technical stuff again...

8th 11:28pm
Is definitive a good track and the groove blows me away. I got the structure of the sound track so far. Tomorrow I will work on the pads effects and finishing of the details. (bla bla... Technical stuff all night long lmao)

Today I did visit the SP Road in Bangalore.. I never haven't see something like this be for.. The shopping paradise for any Electronic stuff.
Was nice to have this guys all together this evening. I cud feel the Friends around me as a Team and Business Partners, Perfect combination of Team Work Progress.

All Good” ^^

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