Wednesday Jul, 7th 2010 • A Next Step

Wednesday Jul, 7th 2010 - 11:37am

I keep listen to “Old School Frequency” track and work on the Mastering with the Sound Engineer.

With Lovv Mehta we get to the groove of the 3rd Track, actually no official Tag. We just got the beat and strings for the 3rd song this morning, finished around 10am the first 128 beats. We use a different Theory of Operation, is not better, is just different. I should get you the demo of it soon on Fairtilizer.

For me time to sleep and get some nice rest to restart the work at 7pm local Bangalore time...

01:43pm... I can't get sleep this groove is killing me..

05:27pm... I wake up with this groove in my head.... I can't believe we'did'it ;)* 18:30 Lovv Reach me at the Studio and we have continue the work on the 3rd Track.

“My brain is hunting a coincidence that I can't describe..can't remember it... just yesterday.. mhmmm.. black-out..”

11:21pm... I feel “Possessed” on this Beat...

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