Friday Jul, 09th 2010 • "Pursuance"

This Friday was kinda hunting the groove, the interpretation of this track is the Icemoon Copyright Signature on it self's.

The Track changes aspects every day intenser, from “Possessed Beat” to an Obsessional “Pursuance”. The more I work on it the more I see clear in my creativity that this beat is the Metronome it self's for Lovv Mehta.

Lost in my notes making the track taking life and appreciate any beat of it as it is my creation. This kinda Theory of Operation woke something in me that I was waiting for... long time a go.

To share the feeling with this Sound Track as it was on the Productions without mess up the surprise of it : Interpretation as Composer is “Pursuance” and the Sound it Self's no other comments...

The Alpha Project Track 003 “Nelson Branco - Pursuancewas inspirated by “Bach - Toccata d-moll“

Parental Advisory Explicit Content