Saturday Jul 10th, 2010 • Intensity .. reactions.. pursuance..

After an intensive work day..

Pursuance” is a amazing Production – Says Ram

Lovv Mehta and I are Surprise to see how good this Theory Of Operation from the Beat Part I of this Production on “Pursuance” and very proud of our performance.

Khussh Mehta … he still passing da fuck out on the beat.

Well yes there is a Beat Production Step part 2 (lmao) But the only one conscience about it for the moment is me, I can't even imaging the reaction of this guys after the Beat part2. The Beat Part I was consisted to improve performance on Lovv Mehta's Metronome in some kinda way. Is the first time on the Production that I hide a part of the Project, or better say create this Specific Steps of Operation. However “Influence” & “Frequency” was a different Theory Of Operation.

Was the moment to take two off days... I was feeling Pursuant..

In the night had a visit to a new Club in Bangalore and Shiro Lounge Club and meet some people, but my head still on this fucking beat .. pursuance..



i'm a pursuance addicted

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