Sunday Jul, 11th 2010 • "Prosecution..."

I Spend my Sunday Rectifying “Pursuance..”

This Sound Track is very particular, the way it is produced, the way it sounds, the way it grooves you deep in it.. each beat is to me important in this Production, The beat is the DJ Icemoon Signature it self's.

I Cud type Books explaining how I see all this Elements creating the Beat Confusion on my self production, there are details in my diary like...

Signature of the spectrum: cue & cue 2 are stable, 3, 4, 5 & 6th cues include a 32 spectrum space random but quantized relative to the track, that means a dj cud play a 32beats layer on it and it will find the accent path back in the the 32er chronology.
Combined this Elements to a traditional 8th or 4th beat based house track, you become the Beat Confusion Signature Live Mixing as it was me in the mix Creating the Quantization Spectrum.

But mostly of my expressions aren't really clear enough or I use the wrong terms. However I see it different but we all talk same languish at the Studios. This Sound Track is very Original and the Signatures on it you people go recognize them.

I have a hard time to sleep, even if I sleep two hours it would be enough, so far as I can work on this production, this Track makes us Obsessional and Pursuant about the Interpretation of it, not that this would be the interpretation of the track it self's, but we feel a secondary effect.

Pursuance” will be Published as “Composer Uncut

Parental Advisory Explicit Content