Jul, 12th & 13th 2010 • "Pursuit"

The constant Hunting of details and precision, recompose and arrangement, there seams to never got a end work on this “Pursuance” Track. It goes like this for 2 intense days the Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th Jul.

Many questions like “voice?” Additional Effects but isn't really what this composed Sound Track need as Interpretation. “Pursuance” is very unique in terms of House style and variable combinations. It is a Dark Tribal based Beat, Dream strings variables in to a Deep but Progressive Dynamic Expressed Groove. The Instruments for the Interpretation of “Pursuance” are just fine, more detailed information concerning the instrumentals on with the Album publication.

I feel like hunted by my Own Track since I have started he's Beginning...and it seams not to give me peace of mind until I get it right.

Parental Advisory Explicit Content