Wednesday Jul, 14th 2010 • "Revelation"

This Production is creating a very intense Ambient at the Studios, as a Revelation “Pursuance” Sound Track have build an atmosphere with our minds as it was predicted. A Pleasure to have Lovv Metha as my Interpreter, otherwise people would take me for Crazy ;)*

We constant work and Progress in a good way even if the steps to know each other and collaborate are sometimes delicate. “Band of Sensitive Biatches... we are” The Secondary effect of it is called “Creativity”. The more we Produce, the more deep we go, the more knowledge we know.

To resume “Pursuance” have build up a Chaos Arena. The irreproachable character make her faith.

We have try to avoid this track for some days and Work on another Project, but unfortunately “Pursuance” is in kinda Pursuit Transe mod. There is this beat constantly hunting my mind and don't let me out of this Spiral...

Lost in my technical notes, analyzing each beat the “Pursuance” reveals the deep interpretation, work on this Sound Track is becoming a addiction. I can't believe this Track build up That much drama.

Parental Advisory Explicit Content