MP3 @ 192Kbit/sACC+V2 at 128Kbit/sICEMOON RECORDS® Presents a continuous Re-diffusion Program of DJ Icemoon's previously recorded live sessions, events & much more.. Underground, House, Electro, Dubstep & Trap Music.. Non Stop! Best Of Live Shows and other Special Editions..

Small Guide..
If You using Your Own Media Player or relay Server, use one of the following URL:

MP3 @ 192Kbit/sACC+V2 at 128Kbit/sSpecifications Guide:
We encounter two different types of audio coding formats that aren't really better then the other.. the best format is the one that compatible with your device and meets your needs..
However.. AAC have higher quality sound and smaller size than MP3 at the same or similar high bitrate. But MP3 is much more compatible than AAC. Since that different file formats have different merit and demerit, different users have different preference and needs, neither AAC nor MP3 can be rank the first.

Here are the variables we offer from our Stream Server.

(Apple's AAC (Advanced Audio Coding Plus V2) *.aacp | 128Kbit/s)
(Other systems compatibility, Legacy Codec *.mp3 | 192Kbit/s)

Stream info here..