Wednesday Jun, 30th 2010 • First Instrumental Realized

First track concept in place the grooves neatly placed, the instrumentation perfect ...

I'm so inspired the music is like a subliminal message eating into your mind and influencing every aspect of my being...oooh yeah that is the  track "INFLUENCE" or "IN- FLUENCY" think of lyrics now need and need to hear some good female voices that can fit my vision.

The team is awesome and we understand each other very well, the feeling is surreal.

Later in the night, Ram took me to The Olive Bar, which is a very nice high stand club. Great Ambiance and nice beats. We got some picks for news paper and i was introduce to some nice people in Bangalore.

Had a slow but a nice day and an evening and at 2 am in the morning it hit me like lighting the words the lyrics all in place....Influences :)....hehehe might also get my voice on the track would I sound never done it before but then again never done anything like this before in my life....cheers to the new experience....I still can't get no sleep :)

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