Thursday July, 29th 2010 • "Dark Side Karma"

I was expecting a good work day today.. but Lovv had Unfortunately a urgent Project to work on.

I have spend my all day fighting with ma Trojan and reinstall my system -.-* I was really bored off but because of my PC, was a bad thing for a good thing ;)*

Later in the night I had a meeting with a Producer wanting promote hes own tracks to one of my contacts in Mumbai and he was not bringing a Mix on a 19 Layers track simple as “Influence” with my interpretation... omj... I was passing da fuck out on my chair from laugh out loud. To make it short i made that Producer understand - “Touch my work but apply your self so much as I did, respect it" I keep waiting for my Mix of at least one Sound Track...

Around 2am Saturday Lovv call me with some nice news... he is free to work on the project again ;)

Weep keep working on the 5th Track “Shake it... That ass”. For the 6th Track we will need a “Roland V-Synth” and a “Roland SH-201”, more details about the Instrumental Hardware will follow during the next coming up Blogs.

Parental Advisory Explicit Content