..Time for production..’s time to announce news about the prod tour in UK.. I have write many stuff down.. the best way to follow is listen to some of the Artworks from the [RMX] sector.. I have been searching for some opportunity.. to be able to produce my next Album with more promotion support and collaboration for any future projects around my trips in the different places ICEMOON visit..

the ICEMOON Prod. Tour 2012 will be powered by ICEMOON RECORDS in London..and will continue along with future projects.. .. We Step’in Season 5 | Icemoon with live Edition 301 | Half Death.. soon released on Podcast.. 307 | Condemned as my latest Freestyle Live Production for the 3rd Party Artworks.. some annotation for myself.. I do dedicate this part of to my next Production as inspiration point..

.. to be continue..


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.. funny story.. announcing the tour in UK.. but no listed dates.. lmfao.. however.. so much to get lost in a Studio.. from November 5th until 25th..

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