August 17th to 20th 2010 • "Progress"

Tuesday, August 17th was just the start of four days of peace of mind and perfect Collaboration between the Artists at the Studio. “Pursuance” is Mixed and ready for Mastering. Awesome teamwork again on this Production.
After a long talk with Lovv Mehta aka RayNBrotherhood, We have plan a bit the future, We ensure a long term Professional Relation and Work for what we love.. “It's All About Music

Wednesday, August 18th I meet Chris Avi a good Friend and also and introduced him my actually Artwork of AlphaProject™ and discuss future subjects like BetaProject™ (more information coming soon..) he cud not stop from Jam with these tracks ;) He's favorite is “Influence”. With Chris we have visit the Club 56 and had a very good dinner there, specially the Whiskey was again very very... how can I say.. hicks.!? ;)

Thursday, August 19th and Friday, August 20th was the details and clean up for “Elements” in Collaboration with Khussh Mehta (Sound Engineer). Progress also with Lovv as usual, till Saturday night August the 20th we have work on the 5th track..  “instinct” is finally the 5th song called.

I have here a 10min sound production from “my deepest instinctively sens” of funky grooves. The only way to understand it, is listen to it, enjoy that Dream Funky Dance Tribal Electro Beats and House Grooves.

“Know your self, help's judge your next”


great to read the updates and as part of the team I am spreading the word and passing out the url so people can plot the progress of Nelson in India, today I have been offered a manangent position that I am thinking about but of course I said my loyalties are to ICEMOON.

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Hey everybody,  thank you for the support and motivation during the productions, very much appreciated. Keep on Spam the Blog and sorry for keep you waiting, the work is intense and i hold the diary updated so that nobody miss anything ,)

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