August 09th to 14th 2010 • "Revelation Part II"

Spending my days between Sunbath and shopping relaxing, I was needing this tranquility for a long time now. During these days I was invited to a wedding in a very special art here in India.. it goes for 3days but we have just spend a afternoon at the party. The food is really nice over here ;)

As the situation have bin alternated a bit also in Switzerland I decided to stay some couple of days more in India.

Around the August 12th I got some news from YellowNGreen Media Studios, In the evening of the Friday, August 13th around 8h30pm I have meet Lovv & Khussh Mehta to discuss about the Final part of ICEMOON RECORDS® Alpha Project™

The Studio of this guys is just awesome and ready to Jam, Khussh did a nice calibration of the room on Adams Speakers System ;)

I have decided to finish my Artwork at YellowNGreen Media Studios.

The August 14th we have meet again all together to Discuss about the next steps of Production in Collaboration with Lovv Mehta, Khussh Mehta as Sound Engineer (Mix/Mastering).

I have also meet Chris Avi an very good Guitar Player with a Independent Record Studio know as “Christortion” that I am planning to make perform live in the BetaProject™


My dear friend I am so pleased that  you have found tranquility and that you are rested it looks as if you have had some good parties as well as jamming sessions  I will look forward to listening to the finished products as I know many more will.  Hugs take care and keep safe till th next time we meet.


Well done Nilson, I knew you'ed kick ass in producing with your fantastic mixing, love it all, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX...... AMAZIN! 

Now you're practically world famous, when are we getting married?... only kidding, hehehe!

Welll done!!!!   Great that you are kicking ass 

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