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Comments | Podcast - Mon, Mar 26, 2012 - 5:24am

The music will always show you the way even if you're looking thru the eyes of a psychopath.

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261 | Review ..

Comments | Podcast - Mon, Mar 26, 2012 - 2:07am

Now there was to many bitches telling me to review this artwork.. in deed.. no doubt.. "Forever"..

I can’t explain this particularity in the signatures.. the beauty is it’s originality converging in to a Epic Artwork "Forever" in our memories..

I can now understand after after so long.. the why of this achievement..

""Watching back emotionally proud of it.. the music is telling me the answer.." Nelson Branco 2012

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ᴵ ❤ ²⁹¹

Comments | Journal - Sun, Mar 18, 2012 - 11:42pm

You don't always get 291 when you want it but you most always get it when you need it the most. Cheers.

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..286 | Aftershok..

Comments | Podcast - Thu, Mar 15, 2012 - 12:55am

I'm here smoking my joint to get some rest and this fuck'in 286 is just striping me off..

I don't even remember if i have right about this ones.. was trying to recall but.. never mind..

This Blackheart is an addition.. I don't even miss work on music when I hear such Artwork.. it just refills me..

I didn't even realize so much.. before..



Visibly I am not very creative today.. is good to know that have express my feelings in another mood ,D as we can't be both characters at same time .. the reality if the fact that is the way to appreciate it.. alternating the conditional..

let me update this release..

to be continue..

MyJournal Quote.. Mar 15th 2012 00:15am


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Live | Releases - Wed, Mar 14, 2012 - 1:43pm

Now there are many way to explain this but.. I use to say.. protect your artist life and go underground mutherfuckerz.. this edition is a fundamental “Blackheart” is a Prestige of Icemoon..

a big surprise but everybody was waiting for.. I call this the "Blackheart" release.. the fundamental comfort of expression closer to my root.. the even closer It gets the more I feel like fall in It

I am not looking to be famous or a celebrity.. just a way to express the hateful feelings the pain of this world make you endure.. doing this makes me feel closer to the underground world.. saver.. giving me a possibility to find myself.. what we call the “peace of yourself” or whatever it’s called..

the confrontation of the beat work is the signature it self of this artwork called “Blackheart”..

more isn’t there to say it would break the suspense of the trip..

to be continue...

  1. B. Rich - We Ball Harder (DZ's Spy Harder Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  2. Ajapai, Last Japan - I Feel For You (Icemoon Rmx)
  3. Dayn - Atari (Icemoon Rmx)
  4. Banana Bomber - Raw Eggs (Icemoon Rmx)
  5. Ajapai, Last Japan - I Feel For You (Icemoon Rmx)
  6. Bar 9 - The Gun Slinger (Icemoon Rmx)
  7. Bare - Spray Em (Icemoon Rmx)
  8. Butch Clancy - Robot Porno Stash (Icemoon Rmx)
  9. Culprate - Trench Foot (Brainpain Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  10. Daladubz - Detonator (Icemoon Rmx)
  11. Daladubz - Pop (Icemoon Rmx)
  12. Davr - Scratch Attack (Icemoon Rmx)
  13. Diplo & Lil Jon - U Don't Like Me (Datsik Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  14. Dismal Futures - Witchdoctor Massif (Icemoon Rmx)
  15. Downlink - Ghost (DZ Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  16. Dream - Work It (Dubstep Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  17. Dream - Wicked Man VIP (Icemoon Rmx)
  18. Filthstift - Its Simple (Icemoon Rmx)
  19. Foreign Beggars - Get A Bit More (Skism Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  20. Hulk - Flatbrim Funk (Icemoon Rmx)
  21. Hulk - PSA (Icemoon Rmx)
  22. KSG & Beargrillz - LSD (Icemoon Rmx)
  23. Lemonde - Dead By Dawn (N-Type Remix) (Icemoon Rmx)
  24. Loetech - Marijuana Overdose (Excision Remix) (Icemoon Rmx)
  25. Mr.Sleepz - Saw (Icemoon Rmx)
  26. Borgore - Money (Direct Feed Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  27. Borgore - Go To Bed VIP (Icemoon Rmx)
  28. Depone - Fart Knocker (Icemoon Rmx)
  29. Dub Crookz - Cybertron (Icemoon Rmx)
  30. Cookie Monsta - F Double U (Icemoon Rmx)
  31. Daladubz - Karjala (Icemoon Rmx)
  32. Borgore - Sex Instructions Dub (Icemoon Rmx)
  33. Broken Note - Aporia (Icemoon Rmx)
  34. Zeds Dead and Omar LinX - Out For Blood (Icemoon Rmx)
  35. Burro Banton - Boom Wha Dis (Vinyl Shotz Drumstep Remix) (Icemoon Rmx)
  36. Bassnectar - Boombox (Datsik Remix) (Icemoon Rmx)
  37. HULK - Brooklyn Zoo (Hulkstep Remix) (Icemoon Rmx)
  38. N.W.A. - DopemaN (HavocNdeeD RemiX) (Icemoon Rmx)
  39. Bassnectar - Boombox (Datsik Remix) (Icemoon Rmx)
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Aftershok 2.1

Comments | Podcast - Sat, Mar 3, 2012 - 2:00pm

This aftershock includes the outro of "286 | BlackHeart" as Part 2.1..released soon..

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Live | Releases - Sat, Mar 3, 2012 - 1:47pm

Now waking up daily with some DDB | Hangover is something not really annoying.. even the pursuant artworks made the last pasted months..

I wake up with stuff like this in my head and it gets worse everyday.. the best way to feel it is to play it..

Many intense phases or situations of your life bring you to that state of mind.. then again we should understand what I’m talking about.. cause it can be avoided.. it’s not even planned..

I’m glad still having the perception to see the simplest factors cumulating this serendipity.. increasing the intensity of my senses..

Wake up with me..

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Live | Releases - Wed, Feb 22, 2012 - 9:27pm

I wake up since 5 days or maybe more with such an accord in my mind I keep singing it.. since i get up..

Have bin working on 291 | Convergence Live Cuts.. it end up with 6 Examples.. only one will be released before the official main Edition..

  1. Pendulum - Set Me On Fire (Icemoon Rmx)
  2. Sukh Knight - Diesel Not Petrol (Icemoon Rmx)
  3. Tasha Baxter - The Visitor (Chasing Shadows Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  4. Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria - A Single Moment Of Sincerity (Bare Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
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Live | Releases - Wed, Feb 22, 2012 - 10:13am
  1. Richie August - Stomp
  2. Droid Sector - Lazy Days
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Live | Releases - Tue, Feb 21, 2012 - 6:28pm
  1. Rico Tubbs & Will Power - No Good (Rico Tubbs & Will Power Rmx)(Icemoon Rmx)
  2. Crazy Titch - Sing Along (Boy kid cloud remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  3. OddSokz - Calling All Dancers (Icemoon Rmx)
  4. Dub Gabriel feat. MC Zulu - No Lies (Liquid Stranger's Tactile Evasion mix) (Icemoon Rmx)
  5. Requake - Autumn Reflection (Icemoon Rmx)
  6. Requake - No Inputs (Icemoon Rmx)
  7. Requake - Syphilis (Icemoon Rmx)
  8. SawPunchers - Wooble Gum! (Icemoon Rmx)
  9. SKisM - Back Off (Shishio Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  10. Sawgood - Blowin Up (Shekel Remix) (Icemoon Rmx)
  11. Sluggo, Bro Safari - Reckless (Icemoon Rmx)
  12. Soloman  - The Rasta (Icemoon Rmx)
  13. Stickybuds - Eat a Porkchop (Datsik Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  14. Sub Antix - Oracle (Icemoon Rmx)
  15. Phear Phace - Earthquake (Icemoon Rmx)
  16. Sub Antix - Human Error (Icemoon Rmx)
  17. Suspicious Stech - Crufix (Icemoon Rmx)
  18. Klever & Kill The Noise - Tuff As Nails Part II (Coma's 136 RMX)                  
  19. Richie August - Grunt Work (Icemoon Rmx)
  20. Tetsuo - Broken (Icemoon Rmx)
  21. Tetsuo - My World (Icemoon Rmx)
  22. The Crystal method ft. LMFAO - Sine Language (Datsik Remix) (Icemoon Rmx)
  23. Tim Ismag - Two Graves (Icemoon Rmx)
  24. Unknown Error - The Curse (Bare Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  25. TrustFundKilla - Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll  (Icemoon Rmx)
  26. Wicked Fat Noize - Fuck Your Average Speaker  (Icemoon Rmx)
  27. Wartech - The Walrus  (Icemoon Rmx)
  28. TrustFundKilla - Slugs  (Icemoon Rmx)
  29. TrustFundKilla - Neon Maniacs  (Icemoon Rmx)
  30. TrustFundKilla - Carnival of the Beasts  (Icemoon Rmx)
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Live | Releases - Thu, Feb 16, 2012 - 1:11am
  1. Prime - Blow Your Mind(Icemoon Rmx)
  2. Superginger - Gimme The Loot (Superginger Dubstep Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
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Ultimate revelation..

Comments | Journal - Tue, Feb 14, 2012 - 8:27pm

I shut up but.. 291 | Just started after I published this article..

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Icemoon - Butterfly Effect

Recent | Journal - Tue, Feb 14, 2012 - 8:20pm

Frustration is a simple factor.. makes you realize that we are somewhere all different.. may be the way we affront the relativity.. The only thing to do.. accepting it cause we can’t change the nature of things.. trace your own path.. our biggest default may be our biggest talent.. just a matter of perspective.. cause we all care about our closest..to be continue..

later.. I am listening  292 | Strange and looking for introducing the 282 | Dark.. both are Dubstep.. moods are similar and remix attitude irreversible.. both live performances are related to [MoS].. the serendipity on this.. is so phenomenal that I just roll another blunt.. I didn’t preview this.. It just happens this way.. anyway..
Dark Performance is a Masterpiece that reflect a residues coming back an decency editions later.. this simple analyses include so many factors.. I can’t call this Serendipity anymore..

A way to explain this is more then a simple Theorem.. as a prediction.. as if it was written.. not even destiny.. a deeply definition of yourself.. reflecting your artworks as your front mirror.. everyday of your life.. le déjà vue feeling.. the Revelation.. repeating over and over again.. a cycle of complex aspects.. mostly visible on the simplest perceptions..

You will understand soon enough what the bullshiting is all about..

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Live | Releases - Mon, Feb 13, 2012 - 3:15am
  1. Zeds Dead - Dark Side Dub (Icemoon Rmx)
  2. Gemmy - Supligen (Icemoon Rmx)
  3. Joker and Ginz - Purple City (Icemoon Rmx)
  4. Gemmy - Grime Baby (Icemoon Rmx)
  5. Cluekid - 09 Lick (Icemoon Rmx)
  6. Sully Shanks - Give Me Up (Ld Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  7. Pangaea - Router (Icemoon Rmx)
  8. Benga - On the Edge (Icemoon Rmx)
  9. Relocate - Dot Dot Dash (Buraka Mix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  10. Kutz - Hard Body (Icemoon Rmx)
  11. Joint Forces - Turn Me Up (Icemoon Rmx)
  12. Teksteppa - Welcome To Babylon (Icemoon Rmx)
  13. Enigma - Return to Innocence (Icemoon Rmx)                                                                         
  14. Teksteppa - Original Ruffnex (Icemoon Rmx)
  15. Chango - Am Frequency (Icemoon Rmx)
  16. Richie August - Stomp (Icemoon Rmx)
  17. Droid Sector - Lazy Days (Icemoon Rmx)
  18. Dash Exp - Dried Up (Joint Forces Remix) (Icemoon Rmx)
  19. Micky Slim - Skank Out (Kovu Refix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  20. Doctor P - Rasputin'S Gold (Icemoon Rmx)
  21. Magic Mash - I-Roy Skank (Icemoon Rmx)
  22. Nero - Something Else (Icemoon Rmx)
  23. Jsaxton - Say Something (Jsaxton Rmx)(Icemoon Rmx)
  24. Boson - Bag O Wire (Icemoon Rmx)
  25. Breakage Ft. Newham Generals & David Rodigan - Hard (Caspa & the Others 'the Dub Police Takeo)(Icemoon Rmx)
  26. Skream - Sandsnake (feat. Cluekid)(Icemoon Rmx)
  27. Doko - H7 (Icemoon Rmx)
  28. Felix Da Housecat - Kick Drum (Propatingz' Nasty Gal Rmx)(Icemoon Rmx)
  29. Ginuwine - Pony (Boson Dubstep Rmx)(Icemoon Rmx)
  30. Guns 'N' Bombs - Riddle of Steel (12th Planet & Tealong Rmx)(Icemoon Rmx)
  31. Man Like Me - London Town (Doorly'S Cockney Wideboy Rmx)(Icemoon Rmx)
  32. Ollie! - You Stupid Cunt (Bare Noize Rmx)(Icemoon Rmx)
  33. Cotti Vs. Mr. Party - Dem Fi Know (feat. Jammer)(Icemoon Rmx)
  34. The Bug - Poison Dart (Skream Mix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  35. Caspa - For The Kids (Icemoon Rmx)
  36. Ramadanman - Blimey (Icemoon Rmx)
  37. Caspa - Big Headed Slags (Icemoon Rmx)
  38. Cotti & Cluekid - The Legacy (Icemoon Rmx)
  39. Caspa - Louder (Icemoon Rmx)
  40. Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Rmx)(Icemoon Rmx)
  41. TRG - Put You Down (Ramadanman Refix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  42. Pinch - Qawwali (Icemoon Rmx)
  43. Enigma     Return to Innocence (Icemoon Rmx)
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Live | Releases - Tue, Feb 7, 2012 - 3:37am
  1. Alex Connors - Chordy (Icemoon Live)
  2. Junior Gee - Gossip (Icemoon Live)
  3. The Timewriter - Tenda Count (Icemoon Live)
  4. Andry Nalin - C'mon (Icemoon Live)
  5. Bucher & Kessidis - Live On (Icemoon Live)
  6. Daniel Dubb - The Deeper Side (Icemoon Live)
  7. Gorge & Andr? Hommen - Hakunyo (Icemoon Live)
  8. Hermanez - Locomotive (Icemoon Live)
  9. Lopazz & Zarook - Samphop (Icemoon Live)
  10. Lukas Greenberg - Do It (Icemoon Live)
  11. Nikola Gala - Luv Khord (Icemoon Live)
  12. Roberto Rodriguez - Whisper (Icemoon Live)
  13. Sascha Sonido - You Are Loco! (Icemoon Live)
  14. Tomoki Tamura - Frustration Feat. Kemi (Icemoon Live)
  15. Wollion - Get Down (Icemoon Live)
  16. .Future Funk - Funky Clave (Icemoon Live)
  17. Aki Bergen - Black & Light (Icemoon Live)
  18. Amir - Personality (Icemoon Live)
  19. Hardy Heller - Give Them A House (Icemoon Live)
  20. Markus Wesen - Kindergarten (Icemoon Live)
  21. Santos - Unstable Freak (Icemoon Live)
  22. Sven Kegel & Heino Helck - Beachtime (Icemoon Live)
  23. Alex Flatner & Oliver Klein - Outlandos (Icemoon Live)
  24. Brothers' Vibe - Alone (Icemoon Live)
  25. Yousef - Locked Down (Icemoon Live)
  26. Basti Pieper - Pumpin (Icemoon Live)
  27. Minoru - Learn Modus (Icemoon Live)
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Live | Releases - Tue, Feb 7, 2012 - 2:59am
  1. Ganja White Night - Peace By Fear (Icemoon Rmx)
  2. Joker - A1 Stuck in the System (Icemoon Rmx)
  3. Joker - A1 Purple City (Joker and Ginz) (Icemoon Rmx)
  4. Joker - A1 Snake Eater (Icemoon Rmx)
  5. The Widdler - Take Me Back (Icemoon Rmx)
  6. Flux Pavillion, Doctor P - Air Raid (Icemoon Rmx)
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Live | Releases - Sat, Feb 4, 2012 - 4:18am
  1. Praise You (JFB Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  2. Badness (feat. Skream)(Icemoon Rmx)
  3. Solace One (feat. Black Sun Empire)(Icemoon Rmx)
  4. Dem Na Like Me (Subscape Dub)(Icemoon Rmx) [feat. Wiley]
  5. Killing Me (feat. Kezza)(Icemoon Rmx)
  6. Pirate Hooker(Icemoon Rmx)
  7. Rise of the Idiots (Funtcase Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  8. Under the Bed(Icemoon Rmx)
  9. Surge (16bit Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  10. Killer(Icemoon Rmx)
  11. Filth(Icemoon Rmx)
  12. Remake(Icemoon Rmx)
  13. Something Out There (feat. Southbound Hangers)(Icemoon Rmx)
  14. Open(Icemoon Rmx)
  15. I Need a Touch(Icemoon Rmx)
  16. Renegade (The Qemists VIP)(Icemoon Rmx) [feat. Maxsta]
  17. Evaporate(Icemoon Rmx)
  18. Gullystep(Icemoon Rmx)
  19. Took My Love(Icemoon Rmx)
  20. Gorilla Flex (Roksonix King Kong Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  21. Let's Go(Icemoon Rmx)
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Icemoon - Signature

Recent | Journal - Wed, Feb 1, 2012 - 3:08am

Now about Signatures.. to be honest with myself.. I have bin listen to these editions really above the limit allowed or something since the production of it.. I guess phenomenal is the right word.. without any arrogance intention.. "Opposite"Dubstep highlights have made some extracts of these signatures I express in these Artworks..
"Strom"Dubstep cumulate an "Opposite"Dubstep residues with some "Forever"Dubstep Signature on the "0" Beat as I call.. keeping its originality.. however you find this mind extremes all along these 6 hours of Dubstep.. but then again you will find more a Beat Confusion | Definition.. Many of these related roots from Rap or Hiphop..
"Origin"Dubstep includes 21 Years history.. some Signatures or all of them.. how explain that.. it's like they was in my mind since forever this way.. as composed.. I don't have to recall that "music never dies".. but this is more then a simple revelation.. cause your mind takes you in a ride that you don't even understand..

Now.. telling you that this was something I desired to archive since such longtime.. is almost unbelievable.. but we all know that.. I didn't believe it myself.. serendipity.. was the phenomenal factor.. that allow me to express you these Artworks.. cause I don't plan any of these Works.. they just end up like this.. and this helps me on my quest to know myself better.. in any aspects of my life..

“Maybe I am egocentric, because I love what I do”

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Live | Releases - Mon, Jan 30, 2012 - 10:21pm
  1. Max Robbers/Da Fr3ak - No good 3000 (Max Robbers & da fr3ak Dubstep Edit)(Icemoon Rmx)
  2. DUBSurce - Scary Glasses And Nice Suprise(Icemoon Rmx)
  3. Breaknoise/Substantial Error - Big Dogz(Icemoon Rmx)
  4. Genetix & Persist - Beast Mode(Icemoon Rmx)
  5. Bare/Datsik - King Kong(Icemoon Rmx)
  6. Biometrix - Transmorph (Biometrix Shapeshifter Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  7. Chaosphere, Datsik - Eradicate (Icemoon Rmx)
  8. Conways - Still Getting it (Conways Booty Mix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  9. Cookie Monsta - Frozen (Cookie Monsta Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  10. Diesel - Super Saiyan(Icemoon Rmx)
  11. Doctrine - Lifedestroyer(Icemoon Rmx)
  12. Flux Pavilion/Doctor P - Louder (Flux Pavilion & Doctor P Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  13. Freak Slaughter - Guillotine - Tom Encore Remix(Icemoon Rmx)
  14. Omega - Bedtime Stories(Icemoon Rmx)
  15. The SoniXx - Rolling In The Deep (The SoniXx Dubstep Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  16. Xilent - Choose Me II(Icemoon Rmx)
  17. Prime - The Void VIP(Icemoon Rmx)
  18. Toxicated(Icemoon Rmx)
  19. Dubtek, Droid Sector & Boot - The Trancening (Sook Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  20. Document One - Break Down(Icemoon Rmx)
  21. Kill Paris - Cosmic Love Affair(Icemoon Rmx)
  22. Afrowhity - Ridin (Ed Solo VIP Mix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  23. Prime - Blow Your Mind(Icemoon Rmx)
  24. Superginger - Gimme The Loot (Superginger Dubstep Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
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