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Live | Releases - Thu, Jan 17, 2013 - 3:36am
  1. Zakir - Call Of Nature (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  2. Andrey Budassi - Mail (feat Andrey Frolov)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  3. Andrey Vakulenko - Faith (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  4. High Cat - Global Killer (Plastic Sound remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  5. Magnetic Brothers - Pretty Night (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  6. Mendo & Danny Serrano - Kumbha (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  7. Pr Morriarti - Mystic Smile (Spieltape dub)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  8. Curtis & Estrada - Africa Brass (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  9. Gilbert Le Funk - Afrikantastique (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  10. High Jinks - Spiral Funk (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  11. Kianga - Somebody (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  12. Lutzenkirchen - Motto Imewaka (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  13. Martin Eyerer - Natamba (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  14. Plastic Sound - Will Do (Andrey2rukin remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  15. Seva K - Far Away (Da Fresh remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  16. Steve Self - Bease Knees (Vortex Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  17. Tony Thomas - Violetta (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  18. Alan Barratt - Tripz (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  19. Ivan Wasquez - Stereo 2 0 (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  20. Modul - Farwalker (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  21. Mosfamous - Supermatch (ScSi 9 remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  22. Nikitin - Gorod Theme (Sasse remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  23. Sammy Gonzalez - Deixa (Alex Z Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  24. Sergey Dublight & Bench - Thermo (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  25. Step2Sun - Nice, Very Nice (Spy Der Half Bar loop mix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  26. Vadim Lankov - Start The Trip (FEX remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  27. Marat Valley - La France (Vadim Spark remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  28. Sasha Makin - Zerozerozero (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  29. Perfect Stranger vs Pena - Ode Ao Sol (Moonbeam remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  30. Yuri Alexeev - Pulsation (Icemoon Live Rmx)
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Falling into the Dream!

Comments | Journal - Tue, Jan 15, 2013 - 3:17pm

DJ ICEMOON, you really know how to make dreams with your music, and describe your inspiration in such a way that it's like a wonderful dream that I just want to fall into and remain forever, that's how it feels to me, this is why I told you years ago that you'd be a success, and you are, and more to come too!

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Dreams and Apsirations

Comments | Journal - Tue, Jan 15, 2013 - 6:06am

When it comes to the interpretation of dreams and aspirations, DJ ICEMOOON's tune's, musings and cover art is a new world we all want to jump into and dream along with forever... may this dream never stop!

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Live | Releases - Sun, Jan 13, 2013 - 5:37pm
  1. Igor Brzovic - Easy Rider (Vladimir Corbin Captain America remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  2. Joseph Maesano - Afrikaanse Gees (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  3. Kirill Good - Childhood (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  4. Matthew Lima - Africa (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  5. Nutmann - The Sun Will Be Back (Trotzkopf remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  6. Sinan Kaya - I Don't Care (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  7. Katya Strogova - Heavy Deep (Icemoon Live Rmx) (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  8. Melohman & Javi Bora - Afrohuevo (Javi Bora & Melohman Huevos Rotos remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  9. Paul2Paul - Ice Cold (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  10. Wester - Stay (Nikitin remix) (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  11. Whiteshade - Soul Sacrifice (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  12. Brioski - Black Russian (Alogic Freq remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  13. David Pher - Zonna Munga (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  14. Freska - Masquerade (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  15. Krizz Luco - Ngoma (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  16. Plastic Sound - Industrial Zone (Hobos remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  17. Dima Bigulaev & Yefim Malko - Biological Attack (Squad remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  18. Doomwork - Wekesa (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  19. Hanne & Lore - Barifistu (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  20. Karlos Kastillo - African Kids (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  21. Mike De Costa - Mi Amante (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  22. Monaque - Butterfly (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  23. Paronator - Train (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  24. SCSI-9 - Tierra Del Fuego (Gui Boratto remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  25. Tiktaponika & Aceton - Stadt Aus Eisen (Yefim Malko remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  26. Trotzkopf - Vocsziginh (Plastic Sound & Minim All remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  27. V!KTOR & Lowris - Bit My Jazz (Chris Carrier tool)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  28. Wollion & Harada - Daktari (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  29. Yann Solo & Karl Jefferson - Want To See (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  30. Yuki Makoto - Plumba (Squad remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
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Comments | Journal - Fri, Jan 11, 2013 - 1:42am

How does he just keep getting better and better , this music is better than chocolate and is to die for!! love it:)

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307 | Cover Art Update

Comments | Podcast - Tue, Jan 8, 2013 - 2:11pm

..Well this is my own artwork made by icemoon.. Since 245er Concept.. I'm glafd i found time to do that one.. Iwa Andrews is taking a break on the project.. I will continue modestly the coverart'ing discovering a new horizon related to art and creativity combination around my music.. Iwa made Covers from 255-290 Published on the gallery.. thx bytch to bring it so far..

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Live | Releases - Tue, Dec 25, 2012 - 12:47pm

.. No shit.. Life circumstances crossing artworks like this ones.. Makes me tilt..

In this episode the reflection of halfdeath.. Was the condition of that night of the production..But
comparing to now.. It’s reversible..

Fight in the wind.. fight in vain.. At the end a death.. certain.. Hope is the last remain.. Even half death.. I will contain.. determination.. As.. inspiration.. conviction.. As.. motivation.. Because art.. Is all bout creation.. Nelson Branco 2012

Well.. This is then half life.. Lmfao..

While written this ones I felt how my hanger and frustration just left my mind for today.. Maybe a state of mind.. Maybe state of mood.. In both cases may it be.. Just music..

  1. ADROA - Human Savior (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  2. AFK, The Frim - Ripper (AFK & The Frim VIP)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  3. Avicii/Teknian - Fade Into Darkness (Teknian Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  4. BARE - Fahrenheit (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  5. Bob Marley/Dubba Jonny - Mr. Brown (Dubba Jonny Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  6. Chasing Shadows - The End (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  7. Dada Life, Datsik - Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker (Datsik Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  8. Datsik, Bong - Gecko (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  9. DC Breaks, Skism - Killer Ft. Dee Freer (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  10. Datsik, Bong - Gecko(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  11. Dream & Arcane - Who Cares (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  12. Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Feat Tom Cane, Bare Noize - Through The Night (Bare Noize Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  13. ENiGMA Dubz - Make My Day (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  14. Eptic - STICK UP VIP (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  15. Filth Collins, Pop The Hatch - Rock My World (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  16. Flinch, Bare - Underwater ft. Kylee Swenson (Bare Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  17. Kaskade & Skrillex/DatsiK - Lick It (DatsiK Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  18. Kill The Noise - Jokes On You (Kill The Noise Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  19. Linkin Park/Killsonik - Lost In The Echo (Killsonik Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  20. Mark Knight/Tiësto/Torqux - Beautiful World (Torqux Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  21. Protohype/Kezwik - Bombs Away (Kezwik Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  22. Skrillex feat. Ellie Goulding, Back From The Future - Summit (Back From The Future Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  23. Specimen A - I Will Not Lose(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  24. Steve Aoki/Bassnectar - The Kids Will Have Their Say (Bassnectar Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  25. Subscape - Kick The Flow (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  26. Teknian - Wipe Out (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  27. The Bassist - Droid Bark (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  28. The Frim - Bassline Skank (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  29. Titus1, Kyle Jordan, Pziezzo Electric - Where Did You Go feat. Kyle Jordan (Pziezzo Electric Remix) (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  30. Zeds Dead, Omar Linx - Take A Chance (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  31. Congo Natty/Glebstar - Get Ready (Glebstar Remix) (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  32. Andy's Ill - I'm Bad (Icemoon Live Rmx)
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Live | Releases - Sat, Dec 22, 2012 - 5:12am
  1. Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman -  I Like To Move It (DJ Dero NRG Remix)(Icemoon Live Mix)
  2. Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Icemoon Live Mix)
  3. Tom Novi Feat. TV Rock & SNAP! - The Power (Icemoon Live Mix)
  4. Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat (Icemoon Live Mix)
  5. Swedish House Mafia - Miami 2 Ibiza (Instrumental)(Icemoon Live Mix)
  6. Kat Deluna - Drop It Low (Icemoon Live Mix)
  7. Tiesto Vs. Diplo - C'Mon (Icemoon Live Mix)
  8. Tiësto vs. Diplo ft. Busta Rhymes - C'mon (Catch 'Em By Surprise) (Icemoon Live Mix)
  9. Kris Kross - Jump (Icemoon Live Mix)
  10. The Power (Jungle Fever Mix) - Snap! (Icemoon Live Mix)
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Live | Releases - Wed, Dec 19, 2012 - 8:09pm
  1. Night Jam (Icemoon live Rmx)
  2. Trinidadian Deep - Deep Talkin (Icemoon live Rmx)
  3. Playin' 4 The City - Backfire (Icemoon live Rmx)
  4. The Deep - Dom Dom Jump (Six6 Instrumental)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  5. Pawas & Matthias Keul - Imagination (Icemoon live Rmx)
  6. Roland Clark - Sunshine (Ron Trent Remix Instrumental)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  7. DJ Circle & Roed Svensk - We Play House (Icemoon live Rmx)
  8. Soul De Marin - The Street Life (Icemoon live Rmx)
  9. The Candy Dealers - Come Alive (Jay West Mix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  10. The Odori Allstars - New Generation (Icemoon live Rmx)
  11. Unus Emre - Outer Space (Pulaski Park Remix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  12. Bluekey - Deep Waters (Rhythm Plate Remix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  13. Diem - Hi Enough (Replika Remix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  14. Soul De Marin - Break Ya Neck (Icemoon live Rmx)
  15. Soul De Marin - Sound Of The Vibes (Icemoon live Rmx)
  16. Emil Lanne - The Leg Up (Icemoon live Rmx)
  17. Pint Size - Island Sunset (Icemoon live Rmx)
  18. Soul De Marin - The Journey (Icemoon live Rmx)
  19. Replika - Wicked Groove (Pulaski Park Remix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  20. The Odori Allstars - Half And Half (Icemoon live Rmx)
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Live | Releases - Mon, Dec 17, 2012 - 7:08am
  1. James Johnston - The Day We Expanded (Icemoon live rmx)
  2. Delano Smith - A Special Kind (Icemoon live rmx)
  3. Berny & Guru - Will You Be Mine (Icemoon live rmx)
  4. Huxley - Shapes (Icemoon live rmx)
  5. James Johnston - In The Dream Count To 3 (Icemoon live rmx)
  6. Pulaski Park - Swollen City (Icemoon live rmx)
  7. Pulaski Park - One 4 The Money (Icemoon live rmx)
  8. Iron Curtis - Just Us (Basement Dub)(Icemoon live rmx)
  9. Kevin Yost - On My Way (Icemoon live rmx)
  10. Sonny Fodera - Bringing It Back (Icemoon live rmx)
  11. The Neighbours Project - Alright (Someone Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  12. Wam Kidz - Light And Dark (Icemoon live rmx)
  13. Delano Smith - I Fly (Icemoon live rmx)
  14. Delano Smith - One Twenty Three (Icemoon live rmx)
  15. Kerri Chandler - Track 1 (Icemoon live rmx)
  16. Kerri Chandler - Dat Da Da (Icemoon live rmx)
  17. MVDV - Don't Make Me Wait (Celtic Remiscence Mix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  18. Pulaski Park - Blakjak (Unus Emre Booty Dub)(Icemoon live rmx)
  19. Pulaski Park - The Good Life (Replika Rerub Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  20. Replika - I Like It (Icemoon live rmx)
  21. Swirl People - Keep Running (Icemoon live rmx)
  22. Yofunk - J City (Karol XVII & MB Valence Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  23. DeepSoundExpress - Night Vision (Icemoon live rmx)
  24. Gale Talk - Info Desk (Icemoon live rmx)
  25. Kerri Chandler feat. Wilma Beckford - Come Home (Kerri's Mmmh Mix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  26. Macari & Jay J - Oh Baby (Icemoon live rmx)
  27. Markos - Don't Look Back (Main Mix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  28. Marlow - So Mellow, So Sweet (Luna City Express Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  29. Pulaski Park - The Good Life (Edmund The Good Life I Want Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  30. Raxon - Air Race (Spiritchaser Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  31. Replika - Coincidences (Icemoon live rmx)
  32. Sole Kitchen - That's Right (Icemoon live rmx)
  33. Swirl People - Untrue (Icemoon live rmx)
  34. Swirl People - Future Signs (Inland Knights Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  35. The Neighbours Project - It's Yours (Icemoon live rmx)
  36. X-Press 2 & Tim Deluxe - Tone Head Chemistry (Club Mix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  37. Adam Byrd - Dear Lord (Icemoon live rmx)
  38. Aziz - Monotone Funk (Icemoon live rmx)
  39. Bas Amro - Routine (Icemoon live rmx)
  40. Bioground - I Want U 2 B True (Icemoon live rmx)
  41. Icemoon - Influence (Original Mix)
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Live | Releases - Sun, Dec 16, 2012 - 6:38am

 ..hard maybe the path of this bitch.. "Infinity" goes from Deep House through House in to some trip.. If my memory is correct.. this was kinda 1 yr ago..

  1. D.U.S.K. feat. Christine Bailey - Picture Me Falling (Richard Earnshaw Dub)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  2. Da Funk - Devotion (Replika's Up To End Mix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  3. DJ Gentle - Simple Love (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  4. G! & Special_Kase - La Barbie Sahara (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  5. HomePark - Alternity (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  6. Jake Childs - Contained (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  7. Markos - Autumn Shadows (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  8. Markos - Cultural Expression (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  9. Markos - Nocturnal Desires (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  10. Markos - All The Way Down (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  11. Markos - Tragic Magic (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  12. Markos - Burning The Soul (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  13. Martin East Project feat EOTL - Children Of The Earth (Julius Papp Vocal)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  14. Michelle Owen - Dee & Deaf (Murat Kilic Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  15. Micky More - In My House (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  16. Micky More - Groove Culture (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  17. Milton Jackson - Destination (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  18. Oz-E - Thriller Funk (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  19. Pulaski Park - Crack Killz (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  20. Pulaski Park - Traffic (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  21. Pulaski Park - Body Bender (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  22. Pulaski Park - Phunky Pheature (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  23. Pulaski Park - Labeda (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  24. Pulaski Park - Tri-Polar (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  25. Pulaski Park - Temple St Groove (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  26. Pulaski Park - Timed Release (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  27. Pulaski Park - Just Another Day (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  28. Replika - Here We Go (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  29. Replika - Don't Turn Back (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  30. Satoshi Fumi - Java (Dub Mix) (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  31. Sebastian Davidson - Drop Deep (K-Bana Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  32. Sendos Fuera - Techouse (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  33. Sole Kitchen - Back In The Day (Sole Unity Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  34. Sonny Fodera - Girl That I Got (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  35. Steve Ferrand - The Music (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  36. Strict Border - Slam (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  37. Sunner Soul - Swimming Places (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  38. The Mulder - Something You Never Paid (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  39. The Neighbours Project - Anymore (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  40. Wouter De Moor & Gideon Bouwens - I'm A Flirt For You (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  41. Bas Amro - Accepted (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  42. Bas Amro - I'm Your Intuition (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  43. Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep (SWAG Edit)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  44. Delano Smith - The Exploration (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  45. Imugem Orihasam - II (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  46. Natural Rhythm Feat. Sandra Lima - Lovely Day (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  47. Replika - Dextro (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  48. Sendos Fuera - Another World (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  49. Sendos Fuera - Day Off (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  50. Sona - You Were There (Delano Smith Dub)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  51. Kerri Chandler - I Feel It (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  52. Markos - Rare Form (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  53. Roman S. - It's Midnight Now (G! & Special_Kase Remix)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  54. Sliced Funk - Soul Power (Pulaski Park's 2 New Kix Mix) (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  55. Sonny Fodera - Resurrection (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  56. Funk 198 - The Falling (Part 3)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
  57. Kevin Yost - The Things We Do (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  58. Replika - Fully Boxed (Icemoon Live Rmx)
  59. Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep (SWAG Edit)(Icemoon Live Rmx)
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Live | Releases - Fri, Dec 7, 2012 - 10:17pm

..Something like an Life Edition.. 23 Years of history on that one..

  1. Rob Nunjes - I'll House You (Feat San D Tropez - Invaders Must Die Dub)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  2. Two & A Half Dj's - Dirty Sandstorm (The Common Men Remix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  3. Urban DJ Massacre - Massive Skrillex Attack (Cult Movement Remix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  4. Notta Lotta - Short Dick Man (Feat Capri Moran - Highrollers Dub)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  5. Future Shock - No Good (Feat Duplex - Florida Feeling Remix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  6. Fat Mechanic - A Silence Of Three Parts (White Label Mix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  7. Boom Pow - Dirty Girl (Feat Ratz Azz - Eric Vendetta Dunstep Remix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  8. Dark M Flex - What The UKF? (Rings Of Saturn Mix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  9. Downflex - South Coast (G-Funk Mix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  10. Dr Doom Vs Sisters Of Avalon - Hiroshima (Fukushima Ghetto Mix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  11. Ego Shooter - Bad Romance (Feat Cum Truce - DJ Wobble Mash Up)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  12. Roast Master T - Funky Cold Medina (Album Mix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  13. Rob Bass - Dynamic Life (Faithless Lynchmob Remix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  14. Roughneckx - Outta Space (Chase The Devil) (Feat Jah Lionheart - G!N5 Edit)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  15. Son Of A Gun - Now That's My Music (What I Call Dubstep) (Feat Django - Born Slippy Dub)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  16. Supershake - Gonna Make You Sweat (Alex Twister Dubstep Remix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  17. Tomtempi - Not Allowed To Sleep (Hangover Edit)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  18. Yakooza - Lovin' You (Electro Dubstep Extended)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  19. Shenisa - So Easy (No American Idol Mix)(Icemoon live Rmx)
  20. Don Sharicon - Boombastic (Focus On Sub Dub)(Icemoon live Rmx)
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Update | Seduction

Comments | Journal - Tue, Nov 27, 2012 - 4:17am

.. Update on Coverarts for “Stealth”, “Deeper” and  “Subtile”.. they have now the Original Design..

..The ".mp3" files have been updated as well, just re-download and enjoy them again.. it's House..

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Live | Releases - Thu, Nov 22, 2012 - 4:50pm

 ..darkness.. (..some journal extract.. couple days a go..)

..This is far from being a success full production.. I really had another perspective from November’s 2012.. fuck this.. I’m to distracted.. to hateful.. to revolted.. and to pissed off to work on anything properly.. I wont do this again.. these conditions aren’t what I aspect to be an Harmony of production ambient..

.. It don’t remain much.. I can’t anymore.. I need a break and reconstruction of my plans.. I want peace.. calm.. I want to dedicate myself to this.. but so much coming against me.. I will not hold this for long.. my question remains for how long can I support this situation.. unstable..

.. I need concentration.. I can’t get 1 single minute..

.. I wonder how I still Hold this for the moment..

.. there is nothing coming out more of me.. can’t find my peace.. can’t find me anymore.. can’t see clear.. to much fog.. to much distraction.. to much sensitive.. to everything around me..

.. my conditions are really chaotic.. the only thing remaining is a hope.. a conviction.. keeping me a life like a candle in a windy night..

.. I have fight many battles in my life.. the path as been long and difficult.. the more I progress the harder it gets.. the better it feels.. the stronger I get.

..some Elements around you causing the factor of failure.. a feeling of darkness.. a moment where everything disappear from your vision.. closing my eyes and trying to understand.. desperately looking for an answer.. a solution to.. just do another step in the unknown field.. meticulously as to be a decision in a such crucial moment.. then my next step can make it all fall.. then the perspective change on that factor by the number of opportunities in that gap.. between the step and the decision..

.. I convert this state of mind.. something like.. Opposite converter.. where that allow us to see the positivity in the negativity.. all bullshit because.. without that factor there is no Opportunity.. but.. let me believe that life as to be like this to step forward.. the matter is the risk on the relative step.. the prestige of success..

.. while the “intensity” amplifies this situation.. the more the “how” becomes crucial.. where the faith just witness “why..” - Nelson Branco 2012

..quite expensive way to pay life rights.. but..

..note: this article have been cut.. to fit in standards and protect artist's life.. please see full edition here..

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307 oh mah gahh

Comments | Podcast - Wed, Nov 14, 2012 - 7:13am

Icemoon the drug that can't be tested for, mhmmm. Whaat?

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Live | Releases - Wed, Nov 14, 2012 - 4:49am

 ..from London to Leamington.. the moral of the story.. is.. cheap talking.. it’s really easy.. look like.. give yourself some sens to your life.. just be yourself mutherfucker..

..play with my good nature.. play with my time.. it’s fine.. but play with my mood.. my source of creativity.. you mutherfucker just don’t wanna know.. get up alive.. I will crush you..

..believe it or not.. my 307 in background.. Condemned is the tag my mutherfucker.. get it.. this is real life.. no better serendipity forged my destiny…

..Journal Extract.. Oct 14th.. day of record..
..the day someone kill you.. is the day they announce you such news.. as bad as inevitable .. life story..

..how much can you do in that gap of time of your life?

..here I come.. this is my last chance.. no one will take it from me.. things You never will understand.. because it come from the need.. the survivor instinct.. is the key of Your self trust..

..I’m just humble enough to to have trust an unbrained mother fucker like you.. again and over again.. reason to follow my path on my own.. if you do what you always do.. you will end up doing the same stuff again and over again.. I end up thanking you..

..I’m settle now here in Leamington .. at 14 Records Studios.. feeling home back to my ghetto.. as things happen for a reason.. and here is my WildCard..

.. there are no other ways.. things end up like they always was.. for some reason.. life story is a funny thing.. maybe a perspective sense of art..

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..Festival Project..

Comments | Journal - Fri, Nov 2, 2012 - 1:23pm

I have been trough many things since I have come back to Music and Art.. ones of it is the Experience of a tasted victory.. then again is always a price to pay.. something to sacrifice.. the closer is the gap.. The feeling of infinity gives me the feeling to be alive.. mind remain in my memories all my emotions..

.. I have refused to act live in many places in the past.. the price of pride and arrogance for sure.. it’s a perspective thing.. a mind thing.. what if you just know why.. the key point of the experience by mental methods.. it's a fatality irreversible..

..The story of this Festival Started really earlier in 2011.. when I first came to Kos.. my mind was hunting for opportunity.. after a visit at the same spots in 2012.. Icemoon provide him self the Beach Party at Nektaria Sunny Beach..

..The concept of the Music Festival | ICEMOON 2013.. as born with this experience.. this dream.. this why of express music culture.. to me a generation step.. the next generation is just in you.. it depends on us all now..

..I will put all my efforts in the next comming Months to make this weeks of Music Festival down in Kos.. unforgetable nights.. very honored to share this vision with all of you..

..why.. Greece.. and why Kos.. was just on my path.. if I can be ironic… or soon you all take me for stupid arrogant.. but to be honest I don’t fuck’in know.. things happen for some reason.. and I believe in myself so .. never mind where.. but believe me.. you gotta believe in yourself.. do it.. you tell me then..

..no shit even I wonder why.. the day will come the answer in a shining night..

..that’s the story..

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2 weeks of madness finnaly a

Comments | Journal - Fri, Nov 2, 2012 - 8:41am

2 weeks of madness finnaly a music festival in our island

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UK Tour dates..

Comments | Podcast - Sun, Oct 28, 2012 - 9:06pm

.. funny story.. announcing the tour in UK.. but no listed dates.. lmfao.. however.. so much to get lost in a Studio.. from November 5th until 25th..

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Live | Releases - Fri, Oct 19, 2012 - 12:38am

..Time for production..

..it’s time to announce news about the prod tour in UK.. I have write many stuff down.. the best way to follow is listen to some of the Artworks from the [RMX] sector.. I have been searching for some opportunity.. to be able to produce my next Album with more promotion support and collaboration for any future projects around my trips in the different places ICEMOON visit..

the ICEMOON Prod. Tour 2012 will be powered by ICEMOON RECORDS in London..and will continue along with future projects.. .. We Step’in Season 5 | Icemoon with live Edition 301 | Half Death.. soon released on Podcast.. 307 | Condemned as my latest Freestyle Live Production for the 3rd Party Artworks..

..here some annotation for myself.. I do dedicate this part of to my next Production as inspiration point..

.. to be continue..

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