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Sun, Feb 14, 2016 - 7:14pm

There are things that our system needs.. whens we miss it.. it really sucks da fuckt out of you.. we hunt for it even without willing it.. soddenly, there is this shinning spark coming out of no where.. trying to avoid this to make a change.. kept focus to avoid being pretentious.. speculate to avoid naivety.. closing my eyes to avoid seeing it.. and when I think I’m over it.. It just become clear that I was aimed.. such a basic instinct accuracy, it’s almost a drama..

the boundary is actually not dis-phased.. it as just a different perspective.. when we start to feel the change is already to late.. can’t help it but this is were I find my Inspiration.. creativity just follow the state of mind..

It’s a new world opening doors.. just have to see it.. I was there ones.. tough was the limit.. the end so to say.. like it would be a limit for this kinda stuff.. I guess is were we combine harmony with all the aspects around us and start to read in to our subconscious.. journal memo present day

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Sun, Feb 14, 2016 - 6:49pm

.. I like quantization generation for their fact.. feeling that balance like intuition.. feel it intensely like expected.. Aspects of your daily life converging in to others around you.. Influenced by the generation harmony.. What you always wanted happens once in life thanks that opportunity created in time of quantization of your life cycle.. So.. enjoy that unique moment of your life where you feel this phenomenal layer.. it's a royal honor.. a satisfaction without equal.. Journal memo November 28th 2014

“You only see the best..” - Nelson Branco 2014

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Relevance of 2015

Sun, Feb 14, 2016 - 6:41pm

Life Rules..

  • There are moments in life.. It’s do dark that only thing you want is some clarity.. Some freedom.. But even if you are able to.. You just can’t..
  • The envy grows inside of you like a wild animal.. Your mind starts to get primitive.. All it remains is You..
  • Thanking all friends that always support me at this times is really insufficient.. These who helped me to stand up from this one.. Even if there aren't many.. Clearly not enough to too..
  • These who value you are these who understand you the best.. And for those I'll stand up always..

“Call it me.. Be it like me.. When you watch the mirror you will feel just like me”
Nelson Branco May 1st 2015

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Relevance of 2014

Sun, Feb 14, 2016 - 6:34pm

The definition of a Gangster.. Journal memo January 15th 2015.. part of some lyrics..

“Being a gangster is more then just an image.. It is a mind set.. A true gangster life by these principles..
We honor our evidence.. Protect our woman and children.. And respect the innocent.. A true Gangster main focus his money..”

"Now go and play Ref.: 275 & 273 as well 234, 291 & 334.. You may get the definition of a gangster..” With this collection..

Special thanks to:
“Tony Anthem & Axl Ender” and all the references above..

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Relevance of 2013..

Sun, Feb 14, 2016 - 6:14pm

..Was reading blackout today, published October 21th 2013.. just before my wellness break.. I have to bring this up because.. this tells a lot about the artists character.. and much more..

This is a Part of Journal memo from October 19th 2013:

  • "I appreciate simple terms of life.. This must be the way should be.. The way we should enjoy life.. I can’t understand it otherwise.. My life reflection act up on me as my state of conscience grow up on me.. As Serendipity fuse up on me.. As art get up on Clarity.."

  • "The more I know why I like something.. The less I get enough if it.. I start to like this shit worse then ever.. It makes me only stronger Forever..

  • "Wildcard was blooming my mind today when I was needing it too.. It did appear as a desire under my perception and the Storm as just begun.. My path continue and the relevance faith the Serendipity.."

This would then continue here with go by..

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Icemoon - Aftershock

Tue, May 12, 2015 - 4:13am

Yo people.. it’s time for a release and continue the story here with Icemoon.. I use to take notes here on my journal.. was reading them.. and from all the crap I have wrote there.. only thing I remember is “Has been a long time since I have touch the decks”.. (no shit..)

So here by.. no memo notes for this public release.. the rest is bullish that nobody cares and technical details about this gorgeous frequency you are going to enjoy..

The evolution of The Beat Confusion reflect the aspect of 318 Reference..  continuing the on 320 Aftershock and the next coming up 7 editions.. so it’s a Suite of 9 or 10 records that belong to same artwork somehow.. the jigsaw will be clear after 327*.. Enjoy the path until there.. they represent the evolution of the bass frequency before Icemoon’s Season 5.. by the way, 319 was tagged “Test Subject” and won't be released.. same for 312, 313, 314, 316 & 317.. but they have clearly other taggs.. lmfao.. one day maybe.. Is a shame because they are really a good selection.. but you know me.. gig mixed is a smoked gig.. have to roll a new one..

.. I guess the best way to describe the point after two years..
Lost through my play-lists.. Trying to finish my work and create it as I would have made it then.. (in end 2013 to middle 2014)

“Was hunting a way of expression.. A way to evacuate all this intention.. Confined with care out of this inspiration..“

“Feel's like fucking same woman again since a very long time..”
but.. the desire is something more like a primitive animal instinct, instead a civilized human sin..

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Icemoon | 2013

Wed, Apr 24, 2013 - 2:18am

As I use to be late.. You would not wonder me be late on this ones..

ICEMOON | 2013 (WT) is announced.. Starting in Kos, Greece the Jul 13th at The X Club tourgh Shimba's Aug 31st 2013 Rhodes.. to Mambo Bar ClubNov 23th 2013..

Jul13 | TheXClub | Kos
Aug31 Shimbas Beach Bar | Rhodes
Nov23 Mambo Bar Club | Geneva

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Icemoon - Providence

Thu, Mar 21, 2013 - 11:40pm

 ..lost in my 302 | Providence.. watching my equipment.. facing my life at the moment and thinking about all this.. when i first think about the perspective and sun shine effect on my knobs there on 310 & 311.. in a such dark morning.. 

..I was wondering.. I made couple of times picks of this equipment and every time the Knobs are all put down to minimum.. most be from the satisfaction that  it allow me to realize the biggest dreams.. 

.. while reading to this.. a reflection of an base rule of an artist.. tilt me.. It isn’t about the equipment.. but proud of the performance.. the way we do it.. paradoxically these two factors are depending on each other.. better equipment.. better result.. there is nothing without nothing.. it’s a providence..

.. back to this Knobs here.. I watch them put down really impressed.. and I see that perspective of that moment.. the moment of glory.. the moment where we get the point that you’re an complete artist.. same as a blowjob.. the bitch make you happy by loving it.. you look at her proud of that moment.. well we either caress her nipples.. then.. these Knobs.. but these relative moments are epic.. and desirably intense.. both are intimity aspects..

.. hahaha.. as someone would wonder why the Knobs are set down for the pic.. to me.. a bitch is better token on photo while she sleep.. after performance.. remains the desire.. an attraction that wants some more..

.. I forgot when I did that one.. but most be after my return from Greece.. but the story of Providence.. is just about to start.. I have lost myself in my artworks that deep that I don’t wonder this Artwork right here.. When we do Dubstep.. we do a Culture generation step in to this mother fucker..

..all of these Editions have something to share with you… if just depends on your vision.. music is a matter of taste.. you better like the style or you either leave it..

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Icemoon - Epoc

Thu, Jan 24, 2013 - 6:50pm

..Journal extract from 2nd Jun 2012 ..Relevance logic.. ref.299

..It as been 32 years ago.. since You have made something for the Generation of Today.. and Today it’s my Day.. the Day of all Days.. the Day that allows you that step.. Yourself realize.. a simply cycle of evolution and mutation.. things I have hunted for.. Loosed mind in this Ghetto World.. things get clear after the Day.. even more.. many unanswered question remain for the Day of your Day.. the Day of all these Days..

..the best gift I ever had in my live.. Is to find myself in peace of mind with myself.. an unique feeling like that.. for so short he can be.. allows me to breath deeply.. just enough to hold on for some more..

..the most richest step depends on my favorite quote.

How much Your existence important is for the World, depends on how much You Believe on Yourself !”

..Thanks You all these around me.. that allowed me to reach that.. State of Mind.. the peace in myself.. Cause.. “You give.. I take.. I share you Enjoy..” the beginning there is only You.. The perspective You consider Life.. it always as been different.. at the end.. an gloriously Converged Elements.. prospecting with it the most awesome Friendship Circle & Fan base ever in this Planet around You..

.. call this “Relevant conditional” mother fuckers.. from my deeply heart.. fuck you.. and have a nice day.. ;)*



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Icemoon - Condemned

Thu, Jan 24, 2013 - 6:22pm

..Journal note from November 14, 2012 - 4:49am.. 
..from London to Leamington.. the moral of the story.. is.. cheap talking.. it’s really easy.. look like.. give yourself some sens to your life.. just be yourself mutherfucker.. with my good nature.. play with my time.. it’s fine.. but play with my mood.. my source of creativity.. you mutherfucker just don’t wanna know.. get up alive.. I will crush you..

..believe it or not.. my 307 in background.. Condemned is the tag my mutherfucker.. get it.. this is real life.. no better serendipity forged my destiny…

..Journal Extract.. Oct 14th.. day of record..

..the day someone kill you.. is the day they announce you such news.. as bad as inevitable .. life story.. much can you do in that gap of time of your life? I come.. this is my last chance.. no one will take it from me.. things You never will understand.. because it come from the need.. the survivor instinct.. is the key of Your self trust..

..I’m just humble enough to to have trust an unbrained mother fucker like you.. again and over again.. reason to follow my path on my own.. if you do what you always do.. you will end up doing the same stuff again and over again.. I end up thanking you..

..I’m settle now here in Leamington .. at 14 Records Studios.. feeling home back to my ghetto.. as things happen for a reason.. and here is my WildCard.. .. there are no other ways.. things end up like they always was.. for some reason.. life story is a funny thing.. maybe a perspective sense of art..

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Mon, Oct 8, 2012 - 1:50am

..Here we go.. Get your calendars ready from Opening Event, Jul 11th to Closing on Aug 3rd.. Surprised by the fact that I was going to repeat the same party.. something else came out.. looks like we have fully 2 weeks of Party.. Music Festival it’s gonna be.. Spots we have decided are "The Other Venue*" in Kos City and Nektaria Sunny Beach in Kefalos.. a mystery place for the 7th and closing party.. 21 DJ, Artists, Producers and composers.. for the next generation Music Event.. House, Electro & Dubstep.. concepts like no other.. more information will follow..
..don't get to exited.. the best info still to come..

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Icemoon - Originality

Thu, Sep 6, 2012 - 2:02am

..many of you must wondering what the Beat Confusion is all about.. it’s nothing else then a mod swig or swing whatever it can be called at.. each of the listed artwork I have made during the last pasted 4 years.. 300 Live Recorded Editions.. witnessing a versatility in each single ones.. what they have in common.. I self can’t see it.. but this are Nature of things.. it’s a Strange Convergence of works.. the Desire of describe myself what I do.. to understand.. pushed my mind limits.. to a point of Obsession.. each single one of them.. is just.. Original..

..these 3 bytches right here.. express some shit you wouldn’t believe in your deepest dreams.. Try them.. You will see.. pure addiction.. Converge your Strange Desire.. in to some epic definition of Icemoon..

.. this formula.. Archive The Beat Confusion.. the key of my signature.. or something like that perspective..

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Icemoon - Kefalos 2012

Mon, Aug 20, 2012 - 1:17am

I’m back since yesterday to Switzerland..

Waiting for the last moment to write about Greece 2012.. The moments I have spend in Kos Island to organize one of the biggest challenge of my path.. Was that crazy as unbelievable..

We woke up Hercules.. There is no doubt.. I regret truly the small an short amount of movies I have got to represent this epic event.. But as you can imagine.. In your deeply dreams.. All aspects of an underground party was present and awesome unique moments in this party will remain unforgettable in our memories..

I’m here siting on my chair.. Thinking about this crazy 3 weeks of my life.. All this adventure was based on trust.. And self trust.. Friendship, conviction.. Determination, Vision, Inspiration and Ambition..
Incredible light show, sound system of 35watts for some clarity.. An awesome Promotion Team.. An unbelievable lovely crowd shaking.. Keeping it up until the sunrise.. Rising my head to the meteor shower.. As often as Fireworks all over the spot.. Unforgettable party night.. We have bring ICEMOON one step from the underground in to it.. Cause this was a real Underground party.. Associating all factors and elements of it across the 6h of live composition that night visualizing “Era”.. But the “Alcance” of this night was a different trip.. As original and writing of these layers in dedication for my mutherfuckerz that night.. Unique and epic Icemoon Frequency’s across this island.. I’m feeling very honored to have been acting live for myself, you my friends, my fans and crowd.. as the “Desired” spot.. Inspiration of my Creation..
Proud to have the recognition relative to the applied efforts.. Fuck it.. Was time for ICEMOON.. Was kick ass night of summer 2012..

Realizing that we worked this out with Nektaria Sunny Beach Team a week before the event date.. This underground beach party was very success full..

ICEMOON 2013..
Get ready for next year my mother fuckerz.. Don’t miss it..

A Special Regards to:
Yiannis my Malaka..
My Friends of Nektaria Sunny Beach as Promotion and Production Team..
The Sound & Light Engineering Team..
Sub Teams providing, supporting and promoting this event in different aspects of the party..
The unbelievable party crowd..

“Because without you.. Nothing of this would be possible.. Because together is better my Malakitos.. Because we do it with vain.. For the love of music..” Nelson Branco 2012..


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Work for Free..

Sat, Aug 11, 2012 - 4:27am

..Journal extract from.. 4 weeks a go..
The reason why I became an artist.. Is simply the last thing to try before my self’s murder.. The day I was staring my wall.. Thinking about how the system push you out of it.. Asking and wondering myself.. They even pay you to stay home.. For what all my studies and experiences in life.. If its to end up like a crap.. The last thing was a last drop of hope based on some hobby.. forgotten across the years after an incident… Where I converted my knowledges in hardware engineering…

However, I work for free since 4 years now.. The only ones understanding here.. Are the ones supporting me until the success.. The amount of expenses are definitely out of norm… I do everything I can to get there.. Thank you for these who help me in this path.. for made me understand that I’m born for something better..

For me the last thing to do.. Compiling my own system or die.. Cause this system is way to Fuck’t up.. I have meet many Artists, Managers, Label Owners, Singers, Producers, Composers, Sound Engineers, MC’s, Promoters, Artist Consultant, Designers, Directors an much more.. Many of these have help me understand my place in he market, many of these have allow me a step forward.. But none of them have understand an Artists need.. But everyone keep crying for money.. At the end they cry for credit.. anyway.. The only one working for the real Art here is me.. I’m an artist and I know what it costs me to be simply alive..

After evaluation… All this experience is telling me that I’m able to do.. That I have the infrastructure for it.. I will do it and decline your expensive offers.. I take risks and I risk it all.. But I risk it alone.. So fuck you all.. I invest every fucking cent in survive of my life.. If I would have more.. I would invest in more.. And share it wide with everybody.. I will do this party for the fun of it.. And not for benefits.. It’s for recognition that an Artist fights for.. People hunting for money in this business are just desperate.. I’m sorry for you to make you realize that life isn’t that simple.. "I'm Born in the Underground my Mother Fucker.." Can’t do it but for free.. Don’t ask me for money.. Fuck you.. Watch around you.. This isn’t about You.. This is about the World.. This is about the system.. This is about Survive.. This is the Real Life..

..Where the conviction of an artist comes from..

.."let's get to the point.."  replay.. 263 | FUCK YOU.. [PHENOMENAL OUTRO].. (playlist here) get some Eminem live composition by Icemoon..

..feel like had something still to say about this one..

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Greece once again..

Sun, Jul 8, 2012 - 5:03am

I went to Greece once again to understand the reason of my call to Kos.. I have see the same people, the same places and had the same habits as my visit in Kos in 2011.. I was hunting for something but I didn’t know what exactly and where to start.. Ones in 2012 at my return to Kos.. I got the point..

During my path to the success I have see many things.. From Portugal to Switzerland.. Across India.. Return back to UK.. Traveled to Greece to find my peace.. And in Kos was Kefalos.. Where the exploration was the more tasty..

I have spend my days there and had give up the idea that I was there to find something but myself.. I have explore many parts and secret places of this awesome Isle.. But ending daily at same place.. The Sunny Beach.. Until the day… You start to meet people then.. I start to feel attached and this place was just screaming at me “don’t left..” honestly spoken I was feeling home like nowhere else on this planet..

Looks like the Alien as found a place for foundations.. Questions remains how.. I was completely out of content.. When Yiannis come to me and go like.. Hey.. You know.. I made a nice Beach Party down there last year.. I was like.. Whooooot!? Dude you serious .. He was like.. No shit.. And capacity isn’t a problem.. I look around.. Well no doubt.. How this conversation ends up.. You will know soon enough..

The point was that I was giving up the idea of getting to Kos and act.. When the place it self found me.. It’s the place that finds you and where you feel the most great.. What you want is just an clustered optimism..

Follow your instinct Malàka..

..Journal Extract.. 2 days before this meeting..


Follow this Event on Facebook..

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6am.. wtf..

Sun, Jun 24, 2012 - 2:37am

Journal Extract from Jun 22th 2012..

Today got up with some bad hangover.. One of these you really hate.. I promise you.. Things going worse the more the time past.. this goes until... "Blackheart" Sample 2 of 3 went played.. Believe me .. The smile is granted ;)

Later came the "wake up" with Sample 4 of 6 referring to "Convergence" .. One of my most beautiful artworks ever released.. Realizing those are "Antidote"s for these who understand universal music like we do.. is.. Recognizing the reason of your existence.. Part of your fucking identity..

Classico violins here back again randomized my playlist on my IPod this time into "Blackheart" Samples again.. I don't even tell you the title of the specific artwork's live cut .. but proudly the deeply roots and the related artists here converging the ultimate serendipity .. As.. "Marijuana Overdose.. Saw.. Money.." Nelson Branco.. Jun 22nd 2012..

Believe me or not mutherfuckerz .. This gets even better.. "Blackheart"'s "Outro" live cut.. "..for another hit.. Because I'm nothing but a smoker.." Now go and play this playlist.. As you enjoy my "Breakfast.." wake up like me.. (..thinking about 281's.. outro..)

.. Moments Later.. On these residues..
..I use to say.. "better alone.. Then on bad company.." "Origin"'s Intro fuse me to some basics.. Reflecting my existence..

I don't know if the actually random of this hangover will bring me the Outro Sample of "Origin" but.. If you get a chance.. Get some originality of mine.. Enjoy it with your "Blackheart".. Ghetto motherfuckerz..

.. So much for an longterm expression of the day..

.. Confused with my toughs.. My artworks hunt me to the past even more the time past.. As "Jump Jump" .. And.. Do not compare me to another one..

I will probably Die provoking the mutherfuckerz of this system.. Hopping it ends up in some Revolution .. If so.. The jigsaw is to get there slowly piece by piece.. Spreading tho word with and optimism of changes.. Even if I'm convinced the human will kill himself first.. Before he even "Wake up.."

..To be continue.. With proudly announced "292 | Strange" for very soon..

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Icemoon - Seduction

Thu, May 10, 2012 - 5:11pm

Lost in my notes.. trying to understand my own work.. I really can’t explain how “Stealth” the feeling is.. getting “Deeper” in a “Subtile” way.. Tell me if I’m wrong but..I Guess this is the order of this “Chronology”.. It took me some time to realize this detail.. but these House Editions wasn’t here again not planned to end up together.. It was something like 5 months ago.. but I still remember these nights..

I had to go Deeper after “Jigsaw’s” theorem in the earlier releases..
Here I In-title this artwork as.. “Seduction” reflecting it’s Influence.. of House Syncopation..

This is all about the music.. the deeper we go.. the more knowledge we know.. based on this quote I made many things.. but.. is pure Serendipity..
.. to be continue..

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Icemoon - Blue Moon

Thu, Apr 5, 2012 - 12:17am

There are so many things to say according this serendipity suite.. referring these artworks is realizing how different roots can be to converging in to one single expression..

Certainly somewhere all related.. but they keep an distinctly originality build-ed a part from each other.. why it should be appreciated independently.. after known it's easy to understand the meticulous perspective.. "Overcharged", "Blackheart" and "Jigsaw" are the ultimate "Blue Moon" Theorem..

.. to be continue..

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Icemoon - Butterfly Effect

Tue, Feb 14, 2012 - 8:20pm

Frustration is a simple factor.. makes you realize that we are somewhere all different.. may be the way we affront the relativity.. The only thing to do.. accepting it cause we can’t change the nature of things.. trace your own path.. our biggest default may be our biggest talent.. just a matter of perspective.. cause we all care about our be continue..

later.. I am listening  292 | Strange and looking for introducing the 282 | Dark.. both are Dubstep.. moods are similar and remix attitude irreversible.. both live performances are related to [MoS].. the serendipity on this.. is so phenomenal that I just roll another blunt.. I didn’t preview this.. It just happens this way.. anyway..
Dark Performance is a Masterpiece that reflect a residues coming back an decency editions later.. this simple analyses include so many factors.. I can’t call this Serendipity anymore..

A way to explain this is more then a simple Theorem.. as a prediction.. as if it was written.. not even destiny.. a deeply definition of yourself.. reflecting your artworks as your front mirror.. everyday of your life.. le déjà vue feeling.. the Revelation.. repeating over and over again.. a cycle of complex aspects.. mostly visible on the simplest perceptions..

You will understand soon enough what the bullshiting is all about..

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Icemoon - Signature

Wed, Feb 1, 2012 - 3:08am

Now about Signatures.. to be honest with myself.. I have bin listen to these editions really above the limit allowed or something since the production of it.. I guess phenomenal is the right word.. without any arrogance intention.. "Opposite"Dubstep highlights have made some extracts of these signatures I express in these Artworks..
"Strom"Dubstep cumulate an "Opposite"Dubstep residues with some "Forever"Dubstep Signature on the "0" Beat as I call.. keeping its originality.. however you find this mind extremes all along these 6 hours of Dubstep.. but then again you will find more a Beat Confusion | Definition.. Many of these related roots from Rap or Hiphop..
"Origin"Dubstep includes 21 Years history.. some Signatures or all of them.. how explain that.. it's like they was in my mind since forever this way.. as composed.. I don't have to recall that "music never dies".. but this is more then a simple revelation.. cause your mind takes you in a ride that you don't even understand..

Now.. telling you that this was something I desired to archive since such longtime.. is almost unbelievable.. but we all know that.. I didn't believe it myself.. serendipity.. was the phenomenal factor.. that allow me to express you these Artworks.. cause I don't plan any of these Works.. they just end up like this.. and this helps me on my quest to know myself better.. in any aspects of my life..

“Maybe I am egocentric, because I love what I do”

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